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The Clubhouse Report – July 20 – Chinook Are Back!

July 20, 2012 | 651 Views

A gorgeous night here at Langara, calm seas, warm temps and a few fish around locally, including several monsters taken today by local anglers. Top fish I heard about was a 56 released out Knox way, and a 48.5 wacked in a local old school kill derby! Nice to try and put these ones back, and thanks to all those guests and guides that follow this principal.

Our top fish landed today was a 29 for Brad Nelson up here fishing with the PCL gang. I am saying landed, because we played two big tyees today and only had the heads returned to us by gracious sea lions. We grabbed this fish at little Cohoe point in the am on an old school tack in shallow water fishing 40 feet. We had a large fish on for a bit around 8 am but the sea lions not only grabbed our fish, but Koreys tyee and another large fish at the same time, tacking in Dibrell Bay. What a sight to witness all that hard work go up in flames, spring salmon being tossed in the air like rag dolls, those lucky enough to have the head returned for a size check. It can go several ways from that point moving forward, as sudden as they appear they are gone and we ar landing fish, such as our 29. Korey had a box full including a 25, Pat Universe had a mid twenties as well, and most totes had high teeners and lots of coho.

The top side of Grahame is dead slow, but if you are lucky enough to get a single bite, chances are it is a money fish. Two bites were up for grabs at Boulder all afternoon, with one landed at 40 lbs, and released! The 56 was a lone fish swimming along Cape Knox way and was hit at 3pm, also released, well done mystery guests on these releases. I fished Bruin Bay for an hour and saw two fish out of there, last night we saw three, with Brad Nelson grabbing a 20. Lots of bait in here too. Infact Cohoe Point is loaded at times with jig friendly herring. Whales are all out and about, Humpbacks, fiesting on the herring and needlefish. Eagles too, stacked like cordwood.

Halibut hero Conman lead his fleet of jiggers out to the banks on a calm afternoon, and all came back with halibut, lots of 40 lb fish, about perfect for take home. Tough to spend a lot of time there with the chinook finally showing and with a bit of size. These Hippas will hit just about any time, with high slack and the ebb try searching Boulder too Knox, low water always have a peak at Cohoe Point.

Things look like they are turning around here on the chinook front, so stay tuned for a trip report tomorrow evening. The weather is about perfect, and the salmon appear to be co operating, so hopefully a few tyee to report on Sat Night, goodnight from Langara, Mike Tonnesen, Head guide, Clubhouse

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  1. Brad Nelson says:

    Hey Mike, another great trip. When you get a chance email me a copy of the picture you took. Thanks again

  2. 40 lb fish tonight released at the reef by boat 6, well done Fletcher and crew!

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