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Outpost Update ~ Aug 8th "6 Tyees"

August 8, 2011 | 58 Views

Big fish are rolling in at the Outpost daily as is the “bling bling”.

With fishing this good JP has upgraded his teeth to solid gold…

…and why not with conditions like this we’re all rock stars…

Guide Mike, Kathryn and Robert wave hello.

Yes… that was the open Pacific on Aug 8th; t-shirts, barley a ripple on the water and very fishy. Everyone headed south today and six tyees were caught 4 of which were released. Here are the stats:

  • Robert Stan 32
  • David Beatty 32 released
  • Frank Kinnard 33 released
  • Joseph Delahoussaye 34
  • David Beatty 35 released
  • David beatty 42 released

…which means (as David Beatty’s son) I had the pleasure of releasing 3 tyees today and one over 4o, here was the 35…

…who went back to swim another day…

even the birds are sporting a little golden bling…

Sorry thats all you get tonight…its been a long day fighting countless springs.

Ken Beatty

The Outpost

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