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Outpost Update ~ Aug 7th BIGGEST OF THE YEAR x 2

August 7, 2011 | 15 Views

Tonight its just the simple facts that we caught the two largest Chinook of the season today…

First up is Guide Adam with Frank Paugura and a 44 pound Chinook caught and released this afternoon at Freeman Rock…

What a gorgeous creature well done and congrats to the both of you.

And the BIGGEST fish of the year and the first to crest that 50 mark was Guide Marky-Mark and Dan Bovin with a 50 lber caught mid morning off Hippa Island on a plug!

What an experience for both the angler and the guide!

There was a tangible buzz of excitement on the dock today with lots of congratulations and photos/stories being shared. A special day and great moments for all involved and all that witnessed.

Its big fish time here at the OP

Ken Beatty

The Outpost

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