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Outpost Update ~ Aug 16 "Hakuna matata"

August 16, 2011 | 648 Views

A Swahili phrase that is literally translated as “There are no worries”…

Mike Stuart takes 5 out on the water which although was “crappy”…

It was much better than yesterday and quite fishable…just a little unstable…

I think we were all falling over in the showers tonight.

Fish were caught and some really nice ones…

“Early elimination Ben” (in tonights KRUD game), Marv and Rene show off some of the spoils.

Here was his boat on the water today…

“Double fist pump Ed” gestures the success of his day on the water…

Here he is with boat crew guide Marky-Mark and Greg…

Troy and Mark show off their wet weather gear andĀ positiveĀ attitudes…

Look’n sharp fella’s…by the way if you want to look sharp Justine is selling off everying in the store for crazy prices!

The biggest fish of the day went to group leader Mike…

A great fish at 31 lbs…will it hold the lead?

Then for dinner tonight you may of have heard of fried Chicken, or even of fried fish but you ain’t never heard of chicken fried fish…

It was delicious… I think its going to be a stable around the OP.

Lastly as per every tuesday night…KRUD…and the winner is…

“Dan the man” takes his third victory and dons the “green jacket” from Marky mark.

And the crowd goes….appropriateĀ applause.

Ken Beatty

The Outpost

There are 3 comments on this post:

  1. Shirley Bergeron says:

    Love the Outpost updates. We used to go the QCI years ago(Sandspit) and LOVED it.

    I have shared these pictures with many friends, who have commented they may be interested in going to your West Coast Fishing Club one day.

    A person who loves fishing can only dream of fish like you get !!!

    Would love to get your recipe for that chicken fried fish.

    Your staff and guests all look happy and like they love being there.
    Shirley Bergeron, White Rock, BC.

  2. John Anderson says:

    Looks like the fishing has been tough since we left. Glad we had the poerfect trip this year. Tell Mike he needs to do beter than that.

  3. Anne Russell says:

    What is Krud, anyway? Arm wrestling?

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